ISAMET is a metallic thread for special effects of the machine embroidery. ISAMET has many uses in the emblem and uniform embroidery industry, as well as decorative and ornamental embroidery on elegant clothing. One colour metallic embroideries as well as combinations with ISALON, ISAFIL and ISACORD are also possible.

ISAMET "New / Pearl" is a metallic embroidery thread whose pastel colours and the inimitable pearlescence adds sophistication to tone-on-tone embroidery for ladies' and evening wear.

ISAMET "Fashion Silver" and "Fashion Gold" are modern metallic effect embroidery threads consisting of a combination of a unicoloured and a metallic yarn. Their combination of colour and metallic effect lend themselves perfectly to interesting embroideries on children's, ladies' and evening wear.

ISAMET "Colour" is a metallic embroidery thread program of magnificent colours. In using them you are able to create fashionable and colourful effects to your embroidery work.

Tips: Metallic threads are subject to a special production process and therefore should be specially handled with care.

  • Use with the enclosed polynet-covering where necessary, so it stops the thread from sliding and tangling when it is pulled.
  • Reduce the main needle thread tension as much as possible.
  • When possible use machine needles with enlarged eyes.
  • The machine speed should be adjusted to the embroidery material and the thread.
  • Pay close attention to washing and care instructions for the metallic embroidery techniques.

1000M - $12.00 plus applicable taxes per spool