ISACORD is a polyester continuous thread that has a comparable shine to a rayon embroidery thread. This is obtained through a special cross-section modified fibre. ISACORD is washed, boiled, and lightfast and also has a high resistance to chlorine and abrasion. Therefore, ISACORD is the ideal thread used for extreme treated textiles, e.g. work wear, sportswear, jeans, catering wear, and leather. These listed examples can be washed with chlorine bleach or stonewashed without any problems.

  • Use with the enclosed polynet-covering where necessary, so it stops the thread from sliding and tangling when it is pulled.
  • Reduce the main needle thread tension as much as possible.
  • When possible use machine needles with enlarged eyes.
  • The machine speed should be adjusted to the embroidery material and the thread.
  • Pay close attention to washing and care instructions for the metallic embroidery techniques.