Servicing Department

Got a machine that needs repair? We have a service department located in our shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba! As the dealer for Juki and Brother, we are able to maintain, service and repair all Juki and Brother machines, unless advised otherwise. Please contact us if your machine is in need of repair - we are open to servicing machines from any location in Canada, customer will be responsible for shipping and/or transport of the machine to and from us - we do not deal directly with industrial repair, only domestic. 

We are currently charging $99,00 per service hour, and if your machine requires parts, we will let you know as soon as possible. Our currently policy is we will contact the customer and advise if their machine needs parts, and advise on pricing, timeline, etc. If you choose to continue with repairs, we will place the parts on order - be advised, certain parts may be on backorder, and we will let you know when they have arrived in shop, however, we have no control over the shipping time it takes for parts to arrive to us. 

When you are submitting a repair inquiry, please include the following information: 

  • Name:
  • Brand:
  • Machine Model Number: 
  • Description of Servicing Needed: (we also do general maintenance and servicing on machines)
  • Date of Purchase:

Please be advised that with JUKI and Brother's current warranty policies, if you have submitted your machine for service with any other service shops that are not official shops for JUKI and Brother, it could void any current service warranty on your machine. 

We do provide a thirty day service warranty for all machines submitted to us, if by chance, within those thirty days, there is an issue with your machine, feel free to bring it back to us at no cost to you.