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Janome embroidery machines, sergers and sewing machines are always fun to review as they offer so many unique and interesting functions.

You'll find all Janome reviews below but let's take a look at how Janome Company came to existence.

Two companies, originally known as the New England Sewing Machine Company and the Home Shuttle Company joined forces to become the New Home Sewing Machine Company in the 1860s. In the 1960s, New Home was sold to Japanese owned Janome.

From that time on, the already popular sewing machine brand took on a new life and even greater popularity.

Affordable Janome sewing machines and sergers are available online through Higher end Janome’s are sold through authorized Janome dealers as well.

What Sets Janome Apart from the Rest
The latest innovation from Janome was unveiled at the sewing industry’s largest trade show and exposition, the VDTA/SDTA.

The top of the line Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 has three different bobbin cases... one for regular straight sewing; one for embroidery, elongated zigzag sewing and fine threads; and the third for free motion quilting and heavy threads like embroidery floss.

Each bobbin case is color coded and specifically designed to accommodate the task at hand with its own unique tension adjustment and specifications.

Popular Janome Models
The most popular Janome models are found in the Horizon Memory Craft Line.

From the top of the line Horizon Memory Craft 12000 with its three color coded bobbin cases and the ability to do anything and everything the home sewer could possibly think of to the more affordable Horizon Memory Craft models we reviewed – the 7700 CP and the 6600, Janome sewing machines and sergers are excellent additions to any sewing room.

- Affordable
- Accessible through several venues –; authorized dealers
- User friendly

- Many models do not have features normally found on other similar machines in the same price range

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